Dusting Of Snow On Rim Looks Beautiful



As my husband and I were going into town this past Wednesday, I looked toward the Rim and we saw a beautiful sight. The top looked as if it had been dusted with powdered sugar. I look forward every year for the snow to fall. There are such fabulous vistas to be admired from Tonto Village.

Tonto Village Fire District

Chief Alliger and Trudy Corey, the Administrative manager for the 911 Emergency System for Rural addressing at the Gila County Sheriff's Department, are working together to finalize the addressing procedure that can then be sent to Qwest for the local telephone book. At last count, the process was 90 percent complete.

Trudy tells me that it is imperative for people to memorize their new green street address. Emergency vehicles and other mail services such as UPS and FedEx will be using your new street address for locating the people. The lot numbers that are still on some of the properties need to be removed, ASAP, according to Chief Alliger. If you have any questions, call Trudy Corey at the Gila County Sheriff's office at (928) 474-2208.

The volunteer firemen were called out this past weekend when a call was received that there was a person hurt on the Control Road near the Diamond Point Summer Homes entrance in a motorcycle accident. LifeStar and Native Air also responded and the victim was transported to Scottsdale Memorial Hospital. No word has been received on the person's condition.

In other Fire District business, there will be a regular monthly meeting of the Fire Board on Dec. 13 at the fire station beginning at 6 p.m. Rick Washburn, who was elected into office at the last election, will be officially on the board at the December meeting.

Domino Divas

The annual "Dirty Santa" gift exchange will be held on Dec. 13 at 1 p.m. at the Tonto Village Chapel. No gift should cost more than $10 and it can be a serious gift or a gag gift.

Pool competition

Sunday afternoon, Harvey Poyner, Dennis, (from the Valley and just visiting for the weekend), and Joe Ferreira won the eight-ball pool tournament at the Double D. On Tuesday evening, Betty Koutz and Kara Shaw were the top winners in the nine-ball tournament.

The team still needs a few pool players from Christopher Creek. Call Ethel Cain at (928) 478-4332 and Ethel will give you all the details.

Pat Bates, one of the gals who used to play pool every Tuesday, is in Tonto Village for a visit and is staying with Ethel Cain. It sure is good to see her again.

Thank you

There are some people that I need to thank for their prayers, get well cards, flowers to cheer me, and, most of all, the prepared meals that were brought to my home after my surgery. A huge thank you to Pastor Charles Wilcox and his wife Brenda, Dara Sutton, Charlie Martin, Marsha Ward, Lynn and Annette Godfrey, Pam Daniels, Eric and Maurine Kirchhoefer, Gail Mortenson, Linda Digman, Alice Andreas and Rita Spalink. And thank you to my fishing buddies Theresa and Rick Meeker who came up from the Valley to stay with Bill while I was in surgery.

I am truly blessed with good friends.

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