If Adoption Isn't An Option, Consider Fostering A Pet



Payson Humane Society has a foster care program that enables young animals to mature, sick animals to heal, and undersocialized animals to become trusting of humans, so that in time they can be ready for adoption. Such animals are placed in satisfactory and nurturing home environments with dedicated individuals who are willing to house them and give them the extra time and attention they need to thrive.

In order to qualify as a foster parent, your pets must be current on all vaccinations and you must be able to isolate the foster animal(s) from your own pets for a minimum of 14 days. A spare bedroom, den or bathroom works well for foster animals. When fostering dogs, a fenced yard is required. A foster family's duties are to feed, socialize, groom, introduce basic training and perhaps medicate shelter foster animals. Food and medical care are provided by the shelter.

Fostering shelter animals is a very rewarding experience, whether it be caring for underage kittens or puppies, injured cats and dogs or bottle-feeding kittens and puppies. Seeing an animal with trust issues come around is a personal triumph. There is tremendous satisfaction in knowing that you have given your charges a big boost up the ladder of life. The most difficult part of fostering shelter animals is when the time comes to return them to the shelter, for return they must to be placed in a permanent home.

Foster care is ideal for people who are unable to commit to a pet of their own due to extensive travel. It is a great summer activity for families with animal-loving children. Senior citizens looking for a hobby with great flexibility from the comfort of home are perfect candidates for foster parents. The time involved varies greatly from one week to several months. Volunteers can choose what type of animal they are comfortable inviting into their home.

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, call the Payson Humane Society at (928) 474-5590 and ask for Janet, or stop by the shelter at 812 S. McLane Rd. and pick up a foster care application form.

Here are this week's adoptable cats and dogs:


Jordie is a friendly 10-month-old neutered male husky/shepherd mix. His steely blue eyes are the first thing to grab your attention, then his lanky, long legs and curled tail. He is quite the handsome dog and he has a sweet disposition to go with it. He doesn't know a stranger. Jordie is fun to take for walks or a jog, and he needs the exercise to keep him in shape both physically and mentally. Typical of the husky breed, he has a tendency to roam, and he knows how to open gate latches, so he needs to have a home with a family that is diligent in locking gates to a securely fenced yard. Jordie would love to join your waggin' train!


Tara is a lovely 2-year-old spayed female pit bull mix. Her short, smooth white and tan coat is easy to care for. She has beautiful, expressive eyes that look like she wears eyeliner. She is a bit shy with men, and seems more comfortable with women. Tara is well-behaved and very easy to handle. Once she gets accustomed to you, she relaxes and is very loving. We are hoping to find Tara a home with a gentle, understanding family who will nurture her, give her guidance and let her blossom.


Tank is a 7-year-old neutered male puddy tat. He is a big, sweet-hearted guy with a short, white coat that has interesting tan patterns on it. He solemnly presides over his kitty condo kingdom and takes everything in stride, for he is, after all, the king, and nothing can dethrone him. If you like king-sized cats, this regal loverboy may be just the one for you. He is a real gem!


Buddy is an 8-month-old neutered male catahoula mix. He has a short, clean white coat with tan spots and freckles, and his eyes are blue as the sky. His tail has a whimsical kink in it. Buddy is a friendly, well-mannered dog who loves kids, other dogs and car rides. He is housebroken, used to his own chair and very good about staying in his own yard. Buddy is active and playful and he's looking forward to becoming part of a family who will show him a good time and treat him like a king.


Maw Maw is a one-year-old spayed female calico kitty. Her coat is short and smooth, mostly white with calico spots artfully placed here and there. She has a quiet, docile personality and is easy to get along with. We think she is pawsitively precious.

Microchip your pets

Traveling for the holidays? Make sure your pet has proper identification in case you are separated. The Payson Humane Society is currently offering microchipping for pets at a cost of only $25. No appointment necessary.

To view these and other adoptable pets, visit, www.paysonhumanesociety.com.

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