What's Up?


Q: Where do area 911 calls made on cell phones go? If outside Payson, how long does it take an agency to respond?

A: The vast majority of calls come to the Payson Police Department according to PPD commander Don Engler.

We still do have some (calls) that, for one reason or another, pick up a cell tower -- we've had them skip out of the area and go to Globe, Phoenix or Flagstaff.

All the dispatch centers have speed dial on their phones for other police departments, so in most cases calls are immediately put back through to the agency in the area where they belong. Once in a while a dispatcher will take the 911 call information and pass that on as well.

Q: How many years does Payson High School Principal Roy Sandoval have left on his contract?

A: He was given a two-year contract so he has the remainder of this school year and one more school year according to Sue Myers, Payson Unified School District superintendent.

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