Airport Is Here To Stay



The airport in Payson has been written about so many times there are almost no new items to add. I have seen other letters that stand behind my thoughts. Letters to the editor are kept to 400 words so a great deal of the points made by the Phoenix pilot were also mentioned in my letter and his comments were exactly 100 percent correct and I thank him for making those important points. I am glad this is America and we are allowed a forum to state an opinion and others reply.

I don't know if the writer of a recent letter had a bad experience in an aircraft or are simply jealous of those who own aircraft as he believes it's some kind of windup toy. Its obvious to all who read letters to the editor that I poked a finger in his ribs a little hard when he came back with insulting comments such as the remark about one of the editors of Flying magazine. I will say this -- I didn't get personal and he did, which destroys his entire credibility.

I speak the facts and they are accurate.

There is no reason to further an argument that has already been settled and won. The airport is there to stay and it will be there long after the letter author is gone, still picking up blood each night from the Valley and taking freight down so Payson can enjoy overnight deliveries.

My best hope is that the letter author can find a town that was as Payson was 40 years ago, as a thing called progress never stops moving and if you try and get in the way -- it just steps around you.

Thomas Churchman, Brownwood, Texas

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