Learning To Read One Word At A Time


The six parents and preschool children who graduated from the Early Literacy Program Friday were in the field, putting the ideas they learned in the last six weeks, into practice.

Parents were talking about the limits you should put on the amount of television children watch.


Jennifer and Heather Jones (in tube) and Chloe Lawton (running to wiggle again) are bookworms who wiggle through tubes, encouraged by Rim Country Literacy Program volunteer Kevin Maloney.

"It takes discipline to turn the TV off," said parent, Christina Jones.

"We've got to get the children interested in reading at an early age. TV is such competition," said volunteer teacher, Brenda Day.

"When (we) come home from school, we get an hour to unwind then at 4:30 the TV gets turned off," Sue Becker said. Becker is a parent who has taken the early literacy class with her now four-year-old son, John Russel, several times. She also has a child in elementary school.

Tips were shared on how to memorize words -- words that are often used and easily memorized. When Becker reads to John she points out words like "and."

Other ways a parent can help their child learn these words easily is to make flash cards or tape the names of common objects on the object, like "stove," "chair" and "table."

Write the simple sentence, "Harold drew a dog." Cut out each word in the sentence, and having the child arrange the sentence correctly is a simple way to teach syntax.

If a child responds to songs, the best way for that child to learn may be by making up new lyrics to a melody.

The winter and spring sessions of the Early Literacy program will concentrate on helping parents be a real person to their child and helping the child establish self-esteem, said volunteer teacher Marie Miller. Learning styles and problem solving will also be part of the courses.

Emotionally Intelligent Parenting will be held Jan. 12 through Feb. 16, 2007. Multiple Intelligences runs April 13 through May 18, 2007. Call (928) 468-7257 to register.

The programs are open to parents and their children ages two to five as long as they are pre-kindergarten.

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