Parenting High School Athletes


Payson High School athletic director Dave Bradley thumbed through the September 2006 Scholastic Coach and Athletic Director magazine taking care to read the article, "Parental Issues in Youth Athletics."

It was penned by La Jolla, Calif. Country Day School head volleyball coach Peter Ogle and focused on parenting high school athletes.

Some of the interesting points Ogle makes:

  • Parents should be sure of their children's motivation in sports -- that their kids are focused on teamwork, discipline and spirit, and that they will stick with their team all the way.
  • Learning teamwork means doing what is best for the team. Even if it means your kid is going to sit on the bench for what you consider an unfair amount of time.
  • Winning at all costs usually costs too much.
  • The coach is trying to get (players) out of their comfort zone to make them better. Of course, you want your child to be safe and happy, but let the coach teach.
  • The coach does not care which player is in the game, only that the team is a good as it can be.
  • Team sports have the potential to furnish the most enjoyable memories of youth. When done correctly, the disappointments are just a part of the process. The joys are foundation for future success.
  • (Young athletes) realize this experience is unique and will never be repeated in their lives. I think the devotion to the team surprises some parents, especially those who have not played on a team.
  • Let your child vent disappointment without always stepping in to fix the problem.
  • Let (children) work through the tough times.

Target shoots

Silhouette target shoots will be held the second Saturday of each month beginning at 9 a.m. at the Tonto Rim Sports Club Jim Jones range located south of Payson. The next will be Oct. 14.

A sight-in shoot will be held from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. prior to each of the matches.

When competing in the steel silhouette target shoots, members use .22 caliber rifles with any type of sights.

A chicken silhouette, about 6-inches in height is placed at 40 yards. An 8-inch javelina is positioned at 50 yards and the 12-inch turkey at 75 yards. A 14-inch ram is at 100 yards. Competitors rotate through the targets and are allowed to fire 10 shots at each silhouette. The shooter who chalks up the most hits is declared the winner.

For more information about the shoots, call Bill Cole at (928) 889-8193 or (28) 468-2457.

Not too late

A free wrestling clinic for students in grades three through eight is being held 9 to 10:30 a.m. until Oct. 5 in the Wilson Dome wrestling room.

The camp began Oct. 2, but interested youths can still participate.

Those dates coincide with the school district's fall break.

PHS coach Dave LaMotte, widely considered one of the best technicians in the country and the mentor of numerous Longhorn state champions, will head the clinic along with his staff.

"Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to become a member of one of the oldest ‘martial arts'' in history and be a part of the tradition of excellence in the Payson Wrestling Program," LaMotte said.

"All (campers) need to do is show up on time with a pair of wrestling soft-soled shoes, T-shirt, gym shorts, a good attitude and be ready to learn."

Entry forms are available at Payson High School or at the Payson Roundup, 708 N. Beeline Highway.

For more information, call LaMotte at (928) 474-2233.

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