Payson Council To Meet 3 Times This Week


The Payson Town Council meets three times this week to set new policy (see story on 1A), listen to a presentation on the alternate bypass route and consider data-compiling software to help Payson's water department and the mayor's water task force reach its goals.

Tuesday, Oct. 3

The Payson Town Council will discuss a proposal to upgrade current water department software this evening. If approved, the town has allotted $43,400 out of the water enterprise fund -- an account subsidized by water development money -- for the two-phase project.

The improvements build on a current system that uses 2001 technology.

Lynn Godfrey, chairman of the mayor's water task force, will use the new software in tandem with Payson Water Department data to determine the amount of water underneath Payson and the amount of water the town will need to sustain its current population and support future growth.

"It's a package that's easy to work with and we can generate reports," said hydrogeologist Mike Ploughe. "The information we have now is in various different formats. The plan now will bring everything into one format."

According to a 10-page cost estimate submitted to the council by SWCA Environmental Consultants, once completed, the upgraded system will provide more user-friendly interface and better integration with existing systems.

The upgrade, Ploughe said, helps the water department offer the public more detailed information.

"It's more readily available for people as they need it," he added.

The council meets at 4 p.m., Tuesday in the council chambers.

Wednesday, Oct. 4

A Valley-based engineer who worked with Town Manager Fred Carpenter on the Wickenburg bypass project, will visit Payson to provide feedback on his experience.

Chris Tilley, chair of the alternate bypass route task force, has invited Berwyn Wilbrink of Jacobs Engineering Group to a special council meeting Wednesday.

The goal of the presentation, Tilley said, is to discover ways of expediting the state's 20-year approval and funding cycle.

"This is part of the learning process," Tilley said. The council meets at 6 p.m., Wednesday in the council chambers.

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