Town Manager Search Narrowed


The Town of Star Valley is waiting to hear back from the Arizona League of Cities and Towns before it moves forward in selecting a new town manager to replace Lanny Sloan, whose last day was Friday.

Last week, council members looked over 41 resumes and each were asked to pick their top three to five candidates.


Chuck Heron

Town Clerk Sarah Luckie tabulated the results and sent the few resumes with highest scores to the League for review.

Mayor Chuck Heron said this is the first part of the process.

He said the Arizona League of Cities and Towns will look at the resumes to ensure they are factual with nothing omitted or added and will also conduct background checks.

He was not surprised so many people applied for the position, especially after reviewing the resumes the town has received over the past few months.

"When I looked at the resumes, I found the vast majority had been (at their current position) for less than two years. "It is one of the most transient vocations I have seen."

The position was advertised in a national magazine read by town managers.

Heron said applications came from all over the United States, including Vermont and all along the East Coast.

At least 60 percent of the 41 applicants, he said, have less than one year of experience at any one position, which he added, was very surprising.

"I had known a lot of town managers who have been around for quite some time," he said. "They move around more than a salesman."

He mentioned Payson Town Manager Fred Carpenter, who has been employed at his current job for more than four years.

The Star Valley mayor said three to four town manager candidates are in Arizona. Two of those, in his opinion, are the best ones for the town.

Heron said the town is now running without a manager, and added that at tonight's meeting, the council will be voting on whether to appoint Diane McDaniel as the temporary interim manager. McDaniel previously was the town clerk and manager for the town before Sloan was hired in March.

"It is not like Diane McDaniel does not know what is going on," the mayor said.

Councilor Mary Ann Kotelnicki said she declined to give the town clerk a list of candidates.

"I selected none," she said. "I thought we had a good one. Why (would we) look at anyone else?"

She agreed with Heron that the new town manager should come from Arizona, because a person from the East Coast would be unfamiliar with the state.

"These folks do not know our needs," she said, mentioning that she has been told that some out-of-state candidates have made the cut and were forwarded to the Arizona League of Cities and Towns.

Heron said the town is on the fast track and expects to have a new town manager in place by Nov. 1.

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