A Few Suggestions From California



I was talking with some friends from California who recently moved here and they had some comments I felt should be brought to everyone's attention for consideration concerning the good of the community:

There is too much obnoxious elk bugling down by the public golf course after dark. Maybe we could joint venture with our neighbors to the east, and put an elk fence around the entire town. They never had any elks bugling in California.

Coyotes keep them awake, too, by the way.

Maybe reinstitute an open hunting season in the town to kill these noisy beasts. We could perhaps have a separate permit drawing for inside the town limits.

Another thing, while walking around Green Valley Park last winter, this bald eagle kept taking trout out of the lake. We spend good tax dollars for the trout for people to catch. It is not right that this freeloading eagle should be helping himself to them. Maybe eagle season in the park would help?

Has anyone ever considered that the dog park over by the library could be paved and made into extra parking for the ball fields there?

But no more nighttime games, please. And no noisy kids there at any time.

One more thing that really deserves consideration: We definitely need a few more private golf courses, because it appears that waiting for tee times at the existing courses has increased dramatically.

I won't even tell you how long these folks must wait before they can play.

And kudos to the gentleman who opposes the bypass. Payson would lose its Los Angeles odor on weekends if all these folks bypassed us.

T. Paulk, Payson

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