Cool, Clear Water In Them Thar Hills


On Saturday, Sept. 9, I got to witness what I feel will be a historical event for Pine and Strawberry. I was present for a pump test of a second deep well (1,045 feet) in Pine. It was wonderful to witness a well in Pine pumping 125 gallons per minute.

The Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) has already given a 100-year adequacy certification for the first deep well, located in Strawberry Hollow. The certification of that well by ADWR will come as a surprise to many in the Pine area.

Just think: Two years ago, everyone believed there was no water in Pine. Now, there are significant amounts of new water available.

This is a new water supply. A spokesman from Highland Water Resources, who conducted the pump test, said this preliminary test indicates that this is a new water supply -- unlike the current shallow wells providing water to Pine.

Development of these new wells indicate that the pioneering spirit is still alive and well today. An old adage applies in this situation, "Those who say it can't be done need to get out of the way of those doing it."

This is beyond cool and equates to cool clear water that will be less expensive than water piped in from outside of Pine or trucked in from Starlight Pines. Now, Pine can develop its own water and will be in control of its future.

I sincerely thank the entrepreneurs of Milk Ranch LLC and Strawberry Hollow and to the hydrogeologist of Highland Water Resources for their efforts in solving this old problem. Gila County stands ready to assist in the process so that the quality of life in Pine and Strawberry is improved for our citizens.

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