Is It Really About The Elk?



I am writing this in response to the letter, "Concerned about Chaparral Pines elk fence." Our home is located across Chaparral Pines Drive about 150 feet from Chaparral Pines. I, too, was surprised a feasibility study could be conducted without notifying those who live so close to Chaparral Pines.

In this part of the world, we live among the pines and with the magnificent elk. It is a joy to see them walking through the forest. I am surprised the residents of Chaparral Pines are willing to give up this privilege. If the main reason for this action is to protect their pond, I believe they should consider just fencing in the pond. I suspect it has more to do with protecting their golf course.

I wonder how long it will take the elk to learn they are no longer welcome in Chaparral Pines. I believe this may increase the likelihood of car/elk accidents. At least we will know who to include as a contributing factor on the accident report and possible litigation.

Paula Williams, Payson

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