This Is Not The Time To Leave Iraq



I have read with amusement, letters to the editor regarding George Bush and the war in Iraq. What seems to be a common element in all of these letters is an underlying hate of the president and a seeming need to attack him at a very personal level. Let's not even go into the personal life of the former president and his many "loves."

The war in Iraq was begun on intelligence that the president and the entire congress, all parties, along with the United Nations had. Multiple U.N. resolutions had been broken, the Congress and the president entered the country on a premise that for the most part was unified.

Now, we are in a conflict that will either be lost or won on the resolve of the American people to support a new democracy that is trying to emerge in this country. There is civil unrest, there are people who would like to bet on the lack of resolve of this country and believe that we will not have the fortitude to stay and leave the country to true civil war. We are a stabilizing force in the country and if we leave, we will leave behind more death and destruction than we have seen thus far in this conflict. We will send a message to Muslim extremists that we are not willing to stay and finish the job. We left in Somalia and people like Bin Laden saw our withdrawal as America's lack of resolve and encouraged his planning for the attacks on 9/11.

Personal attacks on the president of the United States really show how desperate are those who want us to abandon the people of Iraq. Mr. Bush, in my opinion, has not lied to the American public, our military or our allies. He has tried to unite the powers in the region against a truly evil extremist sector that I really do not believe represent the people of the Muslim faith.

The world will not be a safer place if we leave Iraq.

I believe we need to stand and fight where we are. As my son prepares to serve, I, like any parent, have fears that he may wind up some day soon over the skies of Iraq or Afghanistan. But we live in a global environment and sticking our heads in the sand only means we'll get our butts kicked again when were not watching, as occurred in September 2001. God bless those leaders who have the foresight to understand this.

Ivan McLaws, D.P.M., Payson

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