A Change In Policy At The Dmv



I am writing this in the hopes that this does not happen to anyone else's child. My nephew turned 16 on a Sunday. This alone was a day in agony for a 16-year-old waiting to get his driver's license. We woke up first thing on Monday morning to rush up to the Department of Motor Vehicles. My child was nervous with much anticipation to get his driving test out of the way. After all, he waited 16 years plus one whole day for this moment.

We waited for a full hour in the waiting room. Finally, they called his number. The moment of truth had arrived. We approached the desk with his little heart pounding and hands sweating. We told the lady why we were there. She then informed us that they had a new policy about testing.

We would have to make an appointment. I could feel his heart fall as did mine with disappointment. I kindly asked, "When did you start this new program?"

I was informed, " We started it a few months ago. I guess we should tell the newspaper about it."

I bet that would have been a wonderful idea. I decided they may too busy, so I am doing it for them. Please call and schedule your driving test for your 16 year old child in advance so that you do not have to watch them in despair. Happy driving to all.

Chandie Cain, Payson

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