At Peace With My Decision To Be Pro-Life



Even though abortion is a legal right by the court's interpretation, it is against God's laws as he has created all of us. Our Constitution says we all have legal rights under the law, but judges have ruled against the unborn because of their so-called viability. Some will say that it is because of rape, incest or the risk of the mother's life. If that were tallied, it would be less than 1 percent. The rest weren't ready to have children or had an "oops" factor.

Those in a recent Life Chain on the Beeline Highway had but a few hecklers. There were honking horns from those who agree with our position on life, and there was silence from the majority as many chose not to voice their opinion on the matter because they don't know which way to go or want to be ridiculed by their friends for taking a stand.

Many doctors today have refrained from practicing the killing of the unborn. Planned Parenthood is about as much a farce as the ACLU. You can't give a teenage girl an aspirin at school, but may take her to have an abortion without her parent's consent. Planned Parenthood has just one thing in mind -- the money it receives for killing those little babies. It's a sham and they should be ashamed. Where is the training by these people to teach abstinence before there is a pregnancy or to give the child up for adoption to a wanting couple who would love and raise the child?

I've said my piece and am at peace with my decision to be "pro-life."

David Corrasa, Payson

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