Doctor Dilemma

Finding a doctor who takes new patients can be difficult


New residents wanting to see a doctor could face some challenges.

The majority of doctors and physicians in Payson will not take any new patients, prompting some to travel to the Valley to see a doctor.

But Cory Houghton, director of marketing for Payson Regional Medical Center, said there are a few doctors in the area who will take new patients.

She said the PRMC has a phone line that residents can call when looking for a doctor, rather than going through the phone book and calling a doctor.

Houghton said the hospital tries to keep track of physicians who will accept new patients as well as doctors who specialize in a certain field.

She said the hospital inserted newsletters in the Payson Roundup to inform the public about the phone line, which is 472-1273.

The last time the newsletter was inserted was in the Aug. 25 edition.

Houghton said there are three new physicians in the area who are accepting new patients, as well as a second gynecologist.

She said the goal is to provide new residents with the phone number and location of doctors who are willing to see new patients.

Denton Park, assistant chief executive officer of the hospital, said the new plan will help people find doctors faster.

"We have an understanding of who is open and who is not," Park said.

Houghton said that when a doctor says he is not taking new patients, he is probably handling as many patients as he can handle at that time.

It is not uncommon for physicians to take between 20 to 25 patients a day, but things do change as patients move or switch to another doctor.

There are a few physicians in Payson who are actively seeking patients.

Dr. Matthew Harris, a new physician in Payson, said he is advertising in newspapers and the Sawmill Theatres to let residents know he is available.

Residents can also log on to to find a doctor who is accepting new patients.

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