Rim Country Quilt Round Up Ribbon Winners



"Enchanted," by Terri Doyle of Gilbert won Best of Show, the City of Payson Mayor's Choice and Large First Place awards at the Quilt Round Up held last weekend.

"We had a very good turn-out for a rainy day quilt show," said John Stanton, business coordinator for the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce, about the Rim Country Quilt Round Up. "There were more than 1,350 attendees through the door."

Sharon Schamber's award-winning display of quilts drew a whole bunch of people to the main show as well as the trunk show on Saturday night.

Rim Country Quilt Round Up ribbon winners:

Rim Country Regional Chamber Of Commerce Choice: Strawberry Patchers -- Out Of The Attic/Old And New (Opportunity Quilt Made for the Arizona Quilters Guild)

City of Payson Mayor's Choice: Terri Doyle -- Enchanted

Miniature First Place (only 1 ribbon awarded): Nancy Miller -- Stars At Night

Small First Place: Terri Doyle -- Diamond In The Rough

Small Second Place: Arleen Logan -- Impish

Small Third Place: Arleen Logan -- We'll Leave The Lights On For You

Medium First Place: Gina Perkes -- Feathered Frenzy

Medium Second Place: Gina Perkes -- Housewarming

Medium Third Place: Jinny Kost -- Feathered Star

Large First Place: Terri Doyle -- Enchanted

Large Second Place: Debbie Stanton -- She's a 30s Star

Large Third Place: Strawberry Patchers -- Mountains Majesty

Best Hand Quilted: Jinny Kost -- My Blue Quilt

Best Machine Quilted: Georgia Thorne -- Urban Villages II

Best Professional Machine Quilted: Gina Perkes -- Feathered Frenzy

Best Applique: Debra Vaughn -- Country Gathering

Best Wearable Art: Leslie Peacock -- Angel Of The Orient

Best Use Of Color: Gina Perkes -- Complimentary

Best First-Time Entry in A Quilt Show: Paul Smith -- A Sister's Love

Best Treadle/Hand Crank: Susan Garrett -- Flowers At Night

Best Junior: A.J. Silva -- Fish Land

Top 10 Viewers Choice

Best of Show: Terri Doyle -- Enchanted

First Runner-up: Debbie Stanton -- She's a 30s Star

Second Runner-up: Linda Matteotti -- Not Everything Is Black and White

Third Runner-up: Arleen Logan -- We'll Leave The Lights On For You

Fourth Runner-up: Linda Matteotti -- Heritage 2000

Fifth Runner-up: Monika Hancock -- Vaquero

Sixth Runner-up (Tie): Strawberry Patchers -- Out Of The Attic / Old And New and Gina Perkes -- Housewarming

Eighth Runner-up (Tie): Colene Barrett -- North American Bear Paw and Jinny Kost -- My Blue Quilt

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