Stationery Is Morale Booster For Women In Iraq


Blank, handmade greeting cards for American soldiers serving in Iraq have been finding their way into care packages boxed by Payson Supply Line.

A few days ago, one of the cards came back to Paper and Metal Scrappers where it was purchased.


SPC Kodi L. Burback, a Washington nurse stationed at the combat support hospital in Tikrit, Iraq sent back this card to thank the people in Payson for the morale booster.

"The stationery items are a huge morale booster," wrote SPC Kodi L. Burback, a Washington nurse stationed at the combat support hospital in Tikrit, Iraq. "Especially for the soldiers who are sick and injured and staying in our facility."

For several months, Paper and Metal Scrappers customers have been able to purchase a kit with all the materials to make two cards. Kits cost $4 if the purchaser allows the kit to go in Payson Supply Line boxes to Iraq, $5 if kept.

Customers have sent about 40 kits to Iraq so far.

"It was a really great letter and we were so surprised to see it," said Barbara Wilembrecht, co-owner of Paper and Metal Scrappers.

"Thank you all so much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers," Burback wrote. "Thank you for your continued support that is very much needed here in Iraq. Thank you."

Christmas card kits will be available soon.

"This is not a time to let our soldiers be forgotten," Wilembrecht said.

Paper and Metal Scrappers, at 804 B N. Beeline Highway in Payson, is a drop-off point for donations to Payson Supply Line. They will accept items for any soldier, but they wish to "focus on the gals."

The cost of postage on each care package is $60. So, cash donations are also gratefully accepted and are tax-deductible.

Items needed for women's care packages to Iraq:

Mosquito repellent wipes

White cotton socks

Disposable cameras

Solid deodorants

Scented shampoo and conditioner

Ponytail holders

Canned nuts and chips

Candy (no chocolate)

Miniboxes cereal

DVD movies (used OK)

International calling cards



Baby wipes




Squeeze peanut butter

Canisters of drink mix

Small size fruit cups

Medicated Band-Aids

AA batteries




Scented candles

Note cards



Puzzle books


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