Beauty And Spirit Of Fall Is The Reason We Moved To Tonto Village



The frost has hit the pumpkins in Tonto Village. For the past few mornings, the temperatures hovered around 32 degrees.

The leaves on the trees are putting on their fall coats of yellow and orange and a bit of red. The residents are stoking up their woodstoves to take the chill off.


The leaves on the trees in Tonto Village are beginning to show off their new colors for fall. Soon, the leaves will be falling and a lot of raking will be in store for residents.

This is a wonderful time of year, and it is one of my first memories of this area when my husband and I decided to become homeowners in Tonto Village. Everyone decorated their homes with pumpkins, scarecrows and ghosts, and along with the orange lights and the fallen leaves, we fell in love with the area. We are truly blessed to live in the Tonto National Forest.

Along with the fall theme, I need to tell you about my attempt at candied apples.

Of course, everyone knows that the mixture needs to come to a hard crack stage. Well, I did not allow for the altitude correction on boiling the mixture.

My candy apples turned out just a bit sticky. Remember, when you are making candy apples or peanut brittle, or anything that needs to come to hard crack stage, the boiling point is at 201 degrees for the 5,800 feet altitude level in Tonto Village, not 211 as it is at sea level.

My neighbor, Linda, suggests that you make a black mark at that temperature on your candy thermometer for the hard crack stage.

Get Well

Shirley Clausen of Tonto Village III has recently undergone surgery.

It was a success and she is doing well. Our prayers are with you, Shirley, for a speedy recovery.

Tonto Village Fire District

Chief Alliger wants to remind residents of the district that the Urban Interface Program is still in effect, which means if you clean your yard of debris, such as pine needles and leaves and if a contractor comes and does the work for you, the program will allow you one-half of your money back.

The form that you will need is at the fire station, or you can call the station and get more information from Chief Alliger. The number is (928) 478-4875.

The Tonto Village Fire Department now has a Chaplain. Pastor Charles Wilcox of the Tonto Village Chapel was recently selected by the fire department.

Pastor Wilcox spends as much time as he can in the Village and he is totally committed to have the Chapel used also as a Community Center for everyone in the Village. Congratulations to you, Pastor Charlie.

Tonto Village Fire Department Auxiliary

The Fireflies held their last meeting of the season this past Tuesday afternoon.

Another new member joined the group. Her name is Ruth Beatty from the Meads Ranch area.

Welcome, Ruth, we are happy to have you aboard. Regular meetings will resume in April 2007.

If you would like to join the Auxiliary, call Linda Staley at (928) 478-4641.

Pool results

The gals from Christopher Creek and Tonto Village got together this past Tuesday evening at the Double D Saloon for their nine-ball tournament.

The Double D gals swept the pool tables. Winners were Kara Shaw, Margaret Stasny and Ethel Cain.

On Sunday afternoon, the pool tables were taken over by the eight-ball players.

Cliff Landrum is back to his winning ways out-shooting everyone for first place. C.M. Scott and Harvey Poyner shot for second and third places. Congratulations to all the winners.

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