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First Southern Baptist Church ordains deacon


Frank Forsyth

Oct. 8 was a very special night in the lives of the First Southern Baptist Church. They hosted an Ordination Service where Frank Forsyth was ordained as a deacon in our church.

Frank and Jan Forsyth have been active members of First Southern since March 2003. They had lived here for approximately four years previously and were very active at that time.

Both are very active members in the life of our church. Valley Rim Director of Missions, Rev. Jerry Martin and his wife Bonnie, were present for the service. Also attending were Frank and Jan's children, Frank and Kim Forsyth of Desert Hills, Ariz.; Paul and Debby Conrad of Peoria, Ariz.; and Craig Forsyth, also of Peoria. The service was followed by a reception in the Fellowship Hall.

Church in Pine creating prayer network

The Church on Randall Place in Pine is creating a Christian prayer network.

The goal of the program is growing and increasing personal prayer of revival and enabling a deeper growth in prayer life which leads to a deeper relationship with Christ, by working with prayer coordinators, by providing encouragement, training, resources, networking as well as developing prayer events and activities.

For more information, call (928) 472-8178, (928) 474-4938, or (928) 472-6439.

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