Cow Fitting Mascot For Meat Market



A cow. A cow. A cow. I find it very fitting and proper that a cow sits on top of the sign that advertises for Pete's Place in Star Valley. Why is the cow fitting and proper? Because any establishment that exploits and uses people solely for their bodies obviously thinks that those people are simply a "piece of meat" to be bought and sold.

The message seems to be, "Get your topless piece of meat right here, on sale, only $10 at the door."

Sound harsh? Well, it is -- unlike the article that was written that gave honor and dignity to the dancers, as well as a great big advertisement for Pete's. (You know the attendance was approximately 126 Friday night.) It has got to be the most happening place in town. Why doesn't the reporter now do an article on the other side of the story? The dark side that includes how these establishments attract the worst type of citizens in society -- like rapists, pedophiles, child molesters, perverts and pornographers. The article could also include some statistics on percentage of divorces and broken families that are due to this type of industry.

Shame on the residents of Star Valley for allowing this "meat market" to open in the first place. Perhaps you all should be a little more concerned about the "moral spiritual water" of your town?

Thank you, Mr. John Wakelin, for encouraging me to publicly protest against this business. My family and I are going to start picketing every Saturday in the fall, starting Oct. 14 from noon to 1 p.m. to show our disapproval. I think I'll make a sign for my beautiful 5-year-old little girl that reads, "Do I look like a cow?"

Pastor Dan Green, The Potters House Church

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