Furniture Store Finds Success In Star Valley


Steve Glissendorf decided several years ago he wanted to own his own business and 17 years from the date he opened his store, his business is beginning to take off.

Any type of furniture or appliance, whether new or used, can be found at Rim Furniture and Appliance Store in Star Valley.


Steve Glissendorf, owner of Rim Furniture and Appliance Store in Star Valley, opened his store 17 years ago. His slogan is, "Drive a little, save a bunch."

Glissendorf, owner of the store, moved to the Rim Country in 1989 from Wisconsin.

He said one of the big reasons for moving to Rim Country was the warm weather.

He said he first worked as a mechanic at Steve's Auto Shop, before opening up his first appliance and furniture store on Main Street in Payson for a year before deciding to move to Star Valley.

"The rent was less expensive and there was a lot more space here," Glissendorf said, explaining he now has twice as much space as he did when his store was in Payson.

At the Rim Furniture and Appliance store, there are five separate rooms that cater to different types of home furnishings and appliances.

The five rooms include the used room, the catch-all room, the new furniture room and a service room.

Beyond selling furniture and appliances, he services and repairs appliances that people bring to him.

In addition, he allows residents to drop off their broken down appliances for a small fee -- $10 for refrigerators and $5 for a washer or dryer.

A crusher comes every three months and makes the appliances disappear. Glissendorf recycles the Freon from the refrigerators.

He said some people drop off furniture and appliances that are still in good condition.

"People bring them over. I do not even have to look for (items) that they bring over. You never know when that is going to happen," he said as he went outside to look at a couch that a man wanted to drop off.

Glissendorf said his business grows a little bit every year. On some days, he makes as much $800 to $900.

"That is not bad," he said. "We try to keep busy. He mentioned that the business only has two or three employees, including himself.

The business is set back from Highway 260, which makes it difficult for some people to find him if they are not actually looking for his store.

"We are out of the way. Once people find us, they keep coming back," he said, adding that 50 percent of the people who come into the store buy something.

His slogan to customers is, "Drive a little, save a bunch."

He said he cannot say for sure if he is the largest appliance or furniture dealer in the Rim Country.

"I definitely have been here the longest," he said. "I am not sure I am the largest, but I definitely have the best variety."

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