Roundup Needs To Respect Readers' Intelligence



The issues with what the Payson Roundup has chosen to run do not have to do with their journalistic rights. It has to do with their judgment in what they choose to write about and what deserves the front page.

We purport to be a community interested in economic success, yet the week we have the Classic Car Show on Main Street (with which I have zero connection) that brings huge sums into the community, the Roundup chooses to run the front page article on the hot dog lady, with almost no coverage or photos of the car event.

They choose to run an article about an idealistic gun-toting young man who can hardly wait to go shoot people purportedly in the name of his religion though he (or the reporter) barely mentions any aspect (presumably because there wasn't any) of spiritually-based desire to become an Israeli.

Is this all the formerly one paper in town can come up with? Again, it comes down to judgment -- something journalists, like accuracy, should hold in high esteem.

The Roundup needs to stop treating the readership like we are in Mayberry. We don't want to be Phoenix, but could you please give the readership a little credit for having some intelligence?

And while we are on the subject could we get Allen Wollscheidt to give it a rest? Good grief, Allen. Every issue, every paper? Enough, already.

Carola Cort, Payson

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