Teachers And Students Should Use Less Foul Language



I think that foul language is a problem in the community.

For me, it's especially offensive, because I hear it every day at school and way too often.

I think that teachers aren't always doing their part to prevent foul language being used at school.

Occasionally, I hear bad language coming from a few of the teachers as well, but not nearly as often as from the students.

I believe that if someone improves their language, then they will feel better about themselves and other people. They would also be a lot more fun to be around.

I think that if teachers will stress the importance of using appropriate language more, and give bigger punishments, then it could be less of a problem at school and in the community.

When I hear people using foul language, whether it's a teacher or a student, I think it makes them look less intelligent.

Luke Haddad, RCMS eighth-grader

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