Women Refreshed From Annual Spiritual Retreat



Last week, 32 women attended the eighth annual ladies' retreat at Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Chapel. These ladies were blessed with Bible lessons taught by Teresa Purtee. Teresa has been teaching these classes for seven years now. She only missed one year because she became sick.

Teresa is a wonderful teacher and touches your heart with her teachings. How fortunate the ladies are to have such a wonderful teacher who lives right here in Christopher Creek.


Pat Ptak, on the left side of the table, Bianca Malmin, Mary Humes, Theresa Branson, Pat Guevara, Nancy Pierce, Betty Starr, P.J. Hidde and Evelyn Lewis attend the eight annual ladies retreat at Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Chapel.

The ladies did Women to Women from the Book of Titus and other Bible verses. There was an abundance of fellowship that day and some of the best-tasting food was shared and enjoyed by everyone.

As a special part of the retreat P.J. Hidde from C-Canyon gave her testimony on how God took away her anger. Jack and P.J. are longtime residents of Christopher Creek.

P.J. is often seen smiling and laughing in spite of her and Jack's physical pain. She is a delight to be around. You can see her driving around in her golf cart just about any day, sharing her happiness.

Twenty of the ladies stayed and enjoyed dinner and 12 enjoyed breakfast the next day at Creekside.

This year's retreat was extended to a sleepover.

Special thanks to Nancy Pierce of Grey Hackle for lodging 10 ladies for the evening. This was Nancy's first retreat and it was very nice of her to offer her place for the ladies to sleep. Many thanks to Pat Guevara, Bianca Malmin, Eileen Kittock, Evelyn Lewis, Betty Starr and Laura Bierwirth for setting up this event.

Special thanks to Susan Hepworth and Eileen Kittock for leading the ladies in prayer. Special thanks to Ella Slaughter for beautifully singing a meaningful song, "He is Faithful," and to Donna Adams who shared about keeping a Spiritual Journal showing how God helps her walk through her trials. It is a wonderful book to pass on to loved ones.

Thanks to Jo Heard for donating Merle Norman products. Thanks to Joleen Enerson of KDJ's Beauty Mart for donating some nice beauty supplies for the ladies, and thanks to Joyfully Yours, a branch of Day Spring, for donating Journals with verses on each page.

The ladies said this year's retreat was the best, and they even have a better one planned for next year.

So, don't miss out.

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