A Positive Look At The Airport Argument



I would like to say that the local aviation community and Mr. Wollscheidt do agree on at least one point. That point is that the Town of Payson should not be trying to do big-ticket projects simply because we can get grant money from ADOT and the FAA.

If you have watched council meetings in the past when some of these projects have come up, you would have seen a couple of us doing our best to challenge the council to use their money more wisely.

The last time some of these came up, we were successful in doing just that. If you would go back and check, you would find that it wasn't the aviation community that asked for these projects but town staff.

Mr. Wollscheidt is also right in that for most purposes the airport serves us very adequately as it is. We do want to see the airport properly maintained in the name of safety as well as taking pride in a valuable asset to the town. There are some meaningful safety projects we would like to see done but nothing on the magnitude that Town staff has proposed. Safety is very beneficial to our health.

Let's try to find more areas we can agree on and think about the positive for a change.

Jon Barber, EAA, vice-president PPA, Mission pilot CAP, Payson

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