Dateline Episode Made Me Think Twice About Fish



My wife and I watched the story about Harold Fish on Dateline recently and although I am not one to normally send e-mails, I felt compelled to offer my opinion.

Based on the evidence presented by the prosecution and the defense on the show, I was shocked to hear the jury find Mr. Fish guilty. I believe that Mr. Fish was in fear for his life and acted with deadly force in order to defend himself. He was licensed to carry a firearm, he took measures to make the gentleman that he shot comfortable, he hiked to a road and flagged down a car to seek help.

It's a sad commentary about the state of our great nation that citizens feel they need to carry firearms in order to protect themselves from predators (four legs or two legs, take your choice).

It's even worse when they are penalized for rightfully defending themselves and then doing the right thing for their attacker (i.e. putting a pillow under his head, covering him with a blanket, going for help, cooperating with authorities). I wonder if his attacker would have done the same for him?

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Fish, his wife and children and also for the man he shot and killed. We can only hope that some legal action can be taken to set this man free and return him to his family where he belongs.

Scott Sauls, Payson

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