Location Chosen For New Strawberry Well


The Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District board will meet at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 19 at Pine Cultural Hall.

The agenda will include progress reports on an agreement with Robert Hardcastle and Brooke Utilities Incorporated to fund a well project in Strawberry.

A special meeting was held on the subject Oct. 7 and the board approved a motion to proceed in the development of an agreement for the KS Site. That motion took PSWID one step closer to drilling a deep well.

Working closely with Hardcastle and BUI, PSWID members have agreed on a location for a proposed deep well site. This site would become known as "The K2 Tank Site in East Strawberry."

The PSWID Water Development Committee, chaired by Wes Suhr, was directed by the board to negotiate with BUI on the matter. Suhr and his committee did so successfully, allowing for the board and BUI to move forward, said Gary Sherlock of the PSWID.

With this anticipated agreement, PSWID will offer an initial investment to BUI for well development, with the amount to be reimbursed to PSWID by BUI, based on a ratio of actual well production.

The agenda for the Oct. 19 meeting will be posted at www.pswid.org.

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