Roundabout Does Not Belong At Airport Road Intersection



I have been told conflicting reports of whether or not a traffic control light will be installed at the intersection of Highway 87 and Airport Road.

If you are aware of this situation would you please clarify this for me?

My grave concern is that at the north end of town there is no legal means to safely cross Highway 87. Consider our children, walking or riding bicycles to school. The nearest crosswalk from Airport Road is located at Forest Drive, a distance of nearly half a mile.

A traffic control light with a crosswalk located at Airport Road or on Airline Road would seem to be the only sensible solution.

The governing body must take into consideration the current vehicular and pedestrian constraints regarding the safe ingress and egress of Highway 87. The implementation of a traffic control light would establish a tremendously positive impact to the north end of our community.

To construct a roundabout merits no consideration of our children, and, in my opinion, lacks the use of any common sense.

Wyman Kendall, Payson

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