Star Valley To Vote On New Town Manager Contract


The Star Valley Council tonight will decide whether to approve a contract for a new town manager.

The town has been negotiating with Casa Grande resident Vito Tedeschi, who the council interviewed in an executive session this past Tuesday night.

Interim Town Manager Diane McDaniel said Town Attorney Tim Grier is reviewing the contract.

The contract follows a form from the International City Managers Association that many town managers regularly use.

If the contract is approved, the town will contact Tedeschi to "see if he will come on board," McDaniel said.

Discussion of the contract will take place during the council work study session at 4:30 p.m. A vote on the contract will take place during the regular meeting at 6 p.m.

One council member said she is going to vote "yes" on the contract because Star Valley needs a town manager.

Another item on the work study agenda is related indirectly to the contract for the town manager.

The council will discuss presentations that the town has received for workmen's compensation, employee health insurance, life insurance and possible 401K benefits.

The town will also discuss entering into a license agreement with Brooke Utilities.

Kotelnicki said she sees no reason why the town should consider entering into an agreement with Brooke Utilities at this time, especially with the current problems the utility company is having with Pine and Strawberry.

"Why should we give Brooke Utilities a license for 25 years?" she asked. "If we sign a 25-year agreement, none of us are going to be around then. Is this something we want to leave our grandchildren?"

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