Tricare Handbook Released


TRICARE is making a handbook available to all beneficiaries covered under TRICARE Standard. This new manual goes into much greater detail than the old booklet, making it as useful as the TRICARE Prime and Prime Remote handbooks.

"We are publishing the Standard handbook to help beneficiaries fully understand their medical care," said Army Major General Elder Granger, deputy director, TRICARE Management Activity. "Explaining the benefit more clearly promotes beneficiary satisfaction, and is in keeping with the President's initiative to make health care more transparent."

Although the handbook is chock full of useful data from what's covered to how to file a claim, it does not include cost information. Because of annual cost changes, TRICARE created a separate summary of beneficiary costs flyer that contains costs for all TRICARE programs, including dental and pharmacy. TRICARE will update the flyer whenever the rates change.

Pick up a handbook at any TRICARE Service Center, or view the documents at

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