Another Positive Look At The Airport



Jon Barber, in his letter on Tuesday, seems to be taking a tack on the airport issue which is a completely reasonable one, not only for the citizens and taxpayers of Payson, but for those having one or another interest in aviation in this town.

Mr. Barber points out that the Town staff was the group pushing to spend more on the airport, not the aviation community. That is a very essential piece of information of which everyone here should be made aware. Aviation needs to communicate much better with the people of Payson.

Altogether, it looks to me that, at least for a while, we are going to have a quite adequate and safe airport at the minimum practical taxpayer expense -- in regard to local, state and federal taxes. That is just as it should be.

Federal and state money is not free money.

Thanks to Jon Barber for speaking out constructively. I hope that he continues to keep his eyes focused sharply on this issue for a long time.

Allen Wollscheidt, Payson

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