Do The Math On Proposition 203



Do the math on Proposition 203. It seems Laurie Roberts wasn't confused by the eight pages of smoke screen written by the Bashas' group. I am referring to the publicity pamphlet, ballot propositions, sent to registered voters.

To keep it simple, because some of you out there may be confused by the very large numbers, I will use 100M for the base. Five accounts are set up for the tax monies (page 119-B). The Program Account (page 120-B) will take 10 percent to hire staff for each region; that leaves 90M. The other 90 percent will be deposited in the Administrative Account. Of the 90 percent (90M), 35 percent will fund plans (consultants) based on the age of children in each region (-31.5M); 40 percent will fund plans (consultants) based on family income in each region (-40.5).

Please do the math -- with fully 82 million for planning and salaries; that leaves 18 million. Please refer to page 123, Fiscal Impact Statement, it states there will be a drop in revenue. I'll use just five million (-5M) and that leaves just 13M to be used for actual services to our citizens. How can anybody vote "yes" on a program that costs $82 million to administer and only gives approximately $13 million in benefits to our citizens. I am totally flabbergasted that our governor endorsed this plan.

Andrew J. Toth, Payson

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