Enough Is Enough From This Administration



Well, have you had enough yet? Anyone who would not vote for change in the November election is either a really, really slow learner, or a Bible enthusiast hoping to personally experience the apocalypse, or both.

Past voters who supported George Bush and the GOP have contributed to America's loss of morality and credibility, and helped to fuel the worldwide hatred of America.

So, if you know any slow-learning or apocalypse yearning voters, fight the urge to smack them over the head with a 2-by-4, to knock some long overdue sense into them. They have been hit upside the head repeatedly during the past six years, and not been phased by the corruption, lies, and incompetence of Bush and crew. And now they are faced with a male congressional member of the moral majority who likes teenage boys. And, don't forget the GOP leaders who covered for him for over 10 years.

We're almost to the point where those who supported this "disaster named George Bush" should be ostracized and exiled, like lepers. If they can't turn off the talk radio and relearn how to think for themselves, then they will continue to cause harm. They failed in their duty as human beings to stand up to evil. Instead, they helped to prop up that evil. Some might argue, but I'm pretty sure that illegitimate wars are evil.

During the impeachment of Clinton, for lying about an adulterous affair, the mantra of the self-righteous moral majority members (Foley included) was, "What will we tell the children?"

Let's ask that question now. Do you think they'll tell their children that, by supporting George Bush, they helped to cause the death of innocent Iraqi people?

Enough is enough. America must hold its leaders accountable for the Iraq disaster. Impeachment would be too good for George Bush. In a just world, the Supreme Court would apologize and say "Boy, did we screw up," and then unanimously vote to exile Bush and his crew. The world would then see that America truly regrets the immoral detour it has taken.

Jim Kane, Pine

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