In Defense Of The Dmv Staff



The letter "A change in policy at the DMV" struck a chord with me in that it's always easy to blame government, at any level, for any minor dissatisfaction that one might perceive.

The false sincerity the writer puts forth fails to disguise the true intent of the letter -- a cheap shot at the dedicated employees of the Payson area Motor Vehicle Division office.

We're extremely fortunate in northern Gila County to have these fine employees to serve us. The first issue I see is that the writer should have called in advance to find out the proper procedure instead of assuming that she knew what the requirement was for a 16-year-old to obtain a driver's license.

It certainly would have saved her an hour of her precious time and the disappointment that she and her nephew endured. Sixteen years plus two whole days probably wouldn't have been too disappointing.

The second issue is that it would be impossible for all government entities that we deal with on a day-to-day basis to announce, advertise or post all policy and procedure changes that occur.

Next time, the writer should let her fingers do the walking and look up the number in the phone book.

Take heart. You always have options. Maybe the Motor Vehicle Division office in Mesa or Flagstaff could serve you better, but I don't think so.

Jaime O. Escobedo, Payson

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