Tonto Village Comes Alive During Turkey Season



Tonto Village was alive with hunters, quads and residents who are part-time villagers. The hunters were on the trail of wild turkey, since this past weekend opened the season. The residents were checking their cabins and getting them ready for the winter.

I would imagine that everyone has heard the weather predictions that our part of the country will see an El Niño effect, meaning there will be more precipitation. In our part of the country, that means snow.


Mel Sheridan and his party, Rick Meeker and Bill Snyder of Tonto Village and Bob Hemming of Phoenix had a successful hunt this past weekend near Clint's Wells, bagging a fine-looking turkey.

The residents were busily raking up pine needles and leaves that have already started to fall.

The only sad event was that the Tonto Village Chapel was vandalized with broken beer bottles thrown at the front door. Who would want to do such a thing? The Chapel has proven itself by its past efforts to be a vital part of our little community, and, as such, is also a meeting place for various groups in our area.

Let's hope that this was a one-time happening and whoever did such a dastardly act repents and realizes that they were desecrating God's House. The responsibility is upon all of us to keep an eye out for unusual activity and report it to the sheriff's office.

Another incident that truly bothers the people in our little community is the carelessness of some campers who come here to enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of our National Forest and then trash it.

As my neighbor was walking her dogs south of the Control Road on a hiking trail, she came upon an ugly scene of toilet paper and defecation on the trail along with broken bottles and cans strewn everywhere. Why would anyone destroy a campsite? Aren't these people trying to get away from the city to enjoy the peacefulness of the forest? Since we have many people who hike around the Village, and you happen to see anyone who destroys our forest, take down a license plate number and call the Forest Service.

Tonto Village Chapel

There has been a time change for the Women's Bible Study group that meets every Tuesday morning.

The gals are now meeting at 10 a.m. They are currently studying the Book of Matthew and the Beatitudes. Everyone is invited to learn more about the "Good Book."

Another Bible study group meets on Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. at Connie Weldon's home. Our longtime resident, Dick Watson, leads this group.

The Domino Divas are still meeting at the Chapel every Wednesday at 1 p.m. for a competitive game of Mexican train dominoes and a break for some really good food. Come and join in the fun. There are gals from Christopher Creek, Kohl's Ranch, Meads Ranch and Payson.


Belated birthday greetings to Joe DeRochers of Tonto Village III. Joe's big day was Oct. 8. Sorry I missed it, Joe.

Next week, on Oct. 25, Karen Ochsenbein of Tonto Village II will celebrate her big day and on Oct. 26, her mother, Ruby Terry, will add another candle to her birthday cake.

There will be 81 candles next Thursday for Ruby. Judy DeRochers will add another candle on Oct. 28. Happy birthday to all of you.

Pool results

This past Tuesday evening the Double D gals played the gals from Christopher Creek in a fast game of nine-ball at the Double D Restaurant. The players from the Village won hands down. First place winner was Payge Ferriera. Second and third place went to Kara Shaw and Suzie Shill. Congratulations, gals.

Ethel Cain reported that there were no Sunday pool games for the lack of players. Try to get to the "D" at 3 p.m. this next Sunday.

The field is wide open for players.

Maybe you can be the next big winner.

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