Visitors Enjoyed Seeing The Creek's Tarantulas



In the past, I have written about the very charming wildlife we have here in Christopher Creek, and that's why a lot of people come up this way.

Last week, the Peltz family stayed here and they got a big kick out of the tarantulas that are on the move in the forest. I personally do not like them, or for that matter, any spider, but these kids did not see a problem with it. Brave 10-year-old Griffin let his father, Dennis Peltz, put it on his arm and take a picture. They said they would like to take it home. I would not have cared if they took all the tarantulas back to the Valley. All I cared about is that they put the spider back in the forest and nowhere near me. Although Griffin was wearing orange and it is close to Halloween, I think I'll just stick with the plastic spiders.


Brave 10-year-old Griffin Peltz let his father, Dennis, put a tarantula on his arm and take a picture.

I also heard of a way to keep spiders out of your home. It seems they do not like the smell of lemon. So, I have a ton of lemon Pledge standing by.

Halloween is getting close and residents are decking out their places with pumpkins and all sorts of Halloween decorations. The leaves have all changed colors and it is beautiful here, and the Halloween decorations are starting to look pretty good.

As I drove around, I saw some good ones. Pam and Mel Milhon have their place decorated, as do Laura and Mark Alvin. There are pumpkins galore at Erma and Alex Armenta's house. Mimi Tidwell has her scarecrows and pumpkins out with more orange pumpkins at Karen Thornton's. Up on Friendly Elk Road, Karen and Sam Seay are all decked out with ghosts, cats, pumpkins and some other scary stuff. It kind of looks like a haunted house in the yard.

Creekside Steakhouse will be getting in the Halloween spirit with a Halloween Costume Contest on Saturday, Oct. 28, at 8 p.m. with music by John Marksberry in the bar. There will be prizes for the best costumes.

I would like to remind people who are driving out to Christopher Creek and want to have lunch and dinner that the Landmark is closed, but Creekside Steakhouse has been here for 30 years and still has the best food around. Just drive passed the Landmark. On your left you will come to John and Olive's Creekside Restaurant.

It's really getting cold outside and it is feeling more like winter than fall. Now is the time to make sure you have your hoses undone from the spigots outside -- especially those of you who are part-time residents. You wouldn't want it to freeze and flood your house.

Also, now is the time to have your chimneys cleaned. Chimney fires are common around here because people forget they need to clean their chimneys.

There were two seats open on the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department board and the deadline for filing election papers was Aug. 9. Only two people applied for the empty board seats. According to Arizona Election laws, these two seats can be filled by a resolution from Gila County Board of Supervisors appointing the two applicants. This also saves the cost associated with having an election when people are running unopposed.

Cline Preble, who filled a vacancy on the board months ago, was one of the persons who took out nominating papers and received one of the appointments. Sandra Kalmar was the second person who took out nominating papers and received the second appointment. The third board member is James Oliver, who will be up for re-election in 2008.

A longtime board member, Power Webb, chose not to run for re-election. Webb has served the Fire District as a board member just about as long as the Fire District has existed. As of Dec. 1, the new board will face these challenges on its own. Webb's last scheduled board meeting is Nov. 13.

Mark this on your calendar and plan to come by this historic meeting and the end of an era, and wish Mr. Webb the best for he has done so much for the Fire District over the years and we as residents owe him a very large "thank you."

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