When In Arizona Do As Arizonans Do



I gently smiled when I read the article in Arizona Republic containing readers' comments on the early morning darkness and how it impacted their lives.

I recalled back 51 years ago when my sweetheart, my young son and I moved to "The West's Most Western Town" and I began to teach in one of its two elementary schools. When I referred back to conveniences I had in Michigan, my wonderful principal Ray Williams kindly reminded me that I was in Arizona now.

How glad I was for his guidance, for I was soon to learn that we had moved to the most wondrous of all states and real adventures lay ahead of us. We became real Arizonans -- real Southwesterners.

I guess my wish is for all newcomers to learn the same lesson I did back so long ago. If you are the lady who moved to Pine and now complains of the mountain roads, or if you are the lady who is upset because the elk ate the flowers in the cemetery, or you are the man who moved to Las Cruces and complained about the crosses -- please smooth out and leave where you came from in the past.

Learn about this awesome Southwest, go with the flow and become real Southwesterners, as we did. You will never regret it, and neither will the rest of us.

Dr. Merri H. Schall, Retired ASU Professor, Pine

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