Adot Should Take A Second Look At Dangerous Intersections



This is my first letter to the editor, but it is long overdue. The young boy's recent letter in the Payson Roundup was correct in naming ADOT partially responsible and negligent for the "driving wrong way" accident and death south of Payson. The signage is too small, inadequate and has no reflective surface for night visibility. Not all deadly accidents are preventable, but ADOT needs to take a closer look.

For instance, the ongoing deaths occurring at the Beeline, Bush Highway intersection -- the warnings there on the Bush Highway are woefully inadequate.

There should be:

1. Noise bumps or grooves at the sharp curves south of town.

2. Large reflective paint stripes warning of a "stop" ahead.

3. Red flashing light warning for night use -- battery-powered from solar panels.

4. Bulldoze the small hill away to improve visibility.

Then you could look at all the weeds and bushes growing into the driving lanes on the Beeline from Payson to the Valley. Come on, ADOT -- get with it.

Gerald Brown, Payson

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