Crowley Is The Best Candidate For College Board



Don Crowley is the most qualified candidate for the GCC District 1 seat on the governing board. Don was attending the board meetings long before he was appointed to the board, and has a wealth of knowledge concerning proper management of the district, as well as its financial needs.

Don and Dr. Larry Stephenson have done a great job in spite of being in a three to two minority. Don's statistical analysis of past budgets has shown glaring problems in the GCC current budget. His vast experience in management in the past is a tremendous asset to the current board.

"Dr. Al" Poskanzer, Don's opponent for District 1 governor, to my knowledge, has never attended a GCC Board of Governors' meeting. He has assimilated knowledge about the Board's activities without attending any board meetings, and is relying on information fed to him by others. He claims the current leadership has not done enough to partner with the Payson High School.

Dr. Al should use his vast knowledge, and intelligence to study the budget so he will have the true facts, not what someone else has informed him. His statement, "The rumors that Payson is not getting the services it is paying tax dollars for is a complete misnomer," demonstrates his lack of knowledge.

It would be difficult for anyone to vote for a candidate who has lived in this area for a brief period, and has very little knowledge of how the GCC Board of Governors works. You should vote for the candidate who has already held the seat of District 1 Governor, and has the knowledge to continue representing his district. That can only be Don Crowley.

Gordon Metcalf, Payson

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