Let's All Learn To Speak Spanish



Let's all wake up. Wake up fast. I did. And, I'm far happier being who I am now than I've ever been in my life.

We're all seeing a fantastic part of future world history in action.

Disregard my few racially-tinged previous Letters to the Editor. This may be my last letter of any kind, but I hope not.

So, let's all learn to speak Spanish. Makes more sense than spitting in the tide. Learn pidgin Spanish if you must. I've done it for 70 years.

Get a "Kicker Daddy" tape or record. It's time to party.

What's wrong with turkey tamales for Christmas?

Don Tomas Montoya is rallying. He'll be home from the hospital soon. Sends love to his friends. They know who they are.

Alyce "Ricochet Faye" Hicks, Payson

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