Newspaper Should Check Its Facts



It is difficult to come to sound conclusions about Pine's water problems because of the multitude of personal opinions spewed forth by people who have not determined the factual basis of their opinions. One expects a newspaper to print factual information. Instead, the Payson Roundup is guilty of printing information not based on fact.

In the article, "Who owns the water?" the statement is made, "And since most of Pine's water is trucked in ..." This statement is not true. During the June 16 to July 6, 2006 period (the only period in 2006 when water was trucked) Pine Water Company trucked in 675,460 gallons of water while selling a total of 6,104,206 gallons of water in Pine.

Those figures reveal that just over 11 percent of the water sold in Pine was trucked in. I do not have figures for other years. However, I strongly feel that if you checked with the Arizona Corporation Commission, the reports filed by the Pine Water Company would show that probably about 4 percent of Pine's water is actually trucked in during a given year.

The same articles states, "an area currently under water restrictions and a connection moratorium imposed by the Arizona Corporation Commission." It is true that the Arizona Corporation Commission has imposed a connection moratorium. It is not true that Pine is currently under water restrictions. To check Pine water restrictions, please drive Highway 87 into Pine. There one sees a large sign that states that Pine is in Stage 1 water conservation. In this stage there are no water restrictions.

This summer, the first mandatory restrictions were imposed on June 20, and, as far as I remember, mandatory restrictions ended shortly after July 4. Again, accurate information concerning mandatory water restrictions can be verified by checking with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

One might conclude that I am a Bob Hardcastle supporter. Let me make it clear, I believe that Bob Hardcastle has not taken all of the necessary and available steps to correct Pine's water problem. I believe it is time for him to stop dragging his feet and take some corrective action. What has been done to increase water storage capacity? What has been done to upgrade the system? If others can find water, why can't he?

Please take the time to check the facts before printing an article. A responsible newspaper should only print well-documented facts.

Bernice E. Winandy, Pine

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