Poskanzer Best Candidate For College Board



This letter is written to mobilize Rim Country and encourage every eligible, caring citizen to vote for Al Poskanzer for the Gila Community College Board of Governors.

Like you, I value our Community College and the potential it represents to all of us. One individual is uniquely qualified to serve us on the college board -- Al Poskanzer. Al's superior qualifications include:

  • Serving for years as a Director at ASU, therefore benefiting all of us from that hands-on experience.
  • Knowing the needs of our college's students of all ages, being able, from experience, to anticipate and plan for accommodation of those needs.
  • Applying knowledge gained from recent experience as an executive with Boeing Corporation -- creating relationships between business and our college for the benefit of our local economy.
  • Bringing together our college's board, inspiring a team to prove the short- and long-term worth and potential of our community college.

You and I are very fortunate to be able to vote for someone whose motivation is simply to serve for the greater good of Rim Country, and who is clearly so well-qualified. Join me, please, in electing Al Poskanzer to the Gila Community College Board.

Dick Reese, Payson

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