Show Support For Troops By Wearing Red



In reference to the letter written by Buck Horn in the Roundup's Sept. 22 edition of Mail Call, I'd like to state that I wholeheartedly agree with the campaign to support our troops and our American way of life. Since reading about this endeavor, I, too, am wearing RED on Fridays to outwardly show my support. In addition, I know of several other citizens of the Rim Country who have agreed that this is a very simple way, regardless of our individual politics, to display our support. Politics, and politicians, come and go, but the basic freedoms of our country, and the act of keeping those freedoms, are the one thing we should all pull together on.

I noticed in the Oct. 3 edition of Mail Call that Merritt Guy Pittman likes the idea of wearing one particular color on Fridays in support of our troops and our American way of life, but he thinks black would be more appropriate. I understand his position, but I believe this campaign originated in some other part of the country, and that it wasn't Mr. Horn who chose the color. If we all take off on different tangents and select different colors, then we have done nothing at all. Until this war on terror is over, and the free peoples of the world achieve victory, it's not going to cost me, nor many others that I know, a thing to wear something RED on Fridays, and I'm more than willing to do that.

Kathy Tustison, Payson

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