Busy Weekend Of Accidents, Abandoned Campfires



The Tonto Village Volunteer Fire Department was busy this weekend with two accidents on the Control Road on Saturday afternoon. The first incident took place near Moore Creek when a truck rolled off the road due to extreme speeding. The Fire Department responded with Engine 615 and Squad 611.

Lifestar Ambulance also responded.


Native Air was called to transport to the injured to the hospital after a truck rolled off the road near Moore Creek due to extreme speeding.

Native Air was called to transport to area hospitals. A few hours later, a second truck lost control and rolled off the Control Road. Again, the vehicles were called out and Native Air Helicopter Service was called to take out the injured occupants.

No word has been received of the condition of the injured parties.

The Control Road should be traveled in a very cautious manner because of the loose gravel and dangerous curves.

Sunday afternoon the Tonto Village Fire crew was sent out again to attend to alleged abandoned campfires left by the campers who spend their weekends riding quads in the area. The crew put out two abandoned campfires. This should never happen.

Since there are so many campers who use the campsites along the Control Road every season, I am shocked that anyone would leave a burning campfire.

The Tonto Village Fire Department Auxiliary will not be having a fun house at the fire department this year. The auxiliary regrets this decision, but they do not have enough volunteers to help set it up and man it.

They need more people who would like to help and have a bit of fun dressing up. The auxiliary is looking forward to next year with more help to put on a great fun house for the kids.

Remember the big yellow chicken from last year? Well, that ornery chicken just may be roaming the neighborhood on Halloween night giving out treats. Watch for him.

Lori Mulvey of Tonto Village III is a proud mother-in-law these days. Lori's son-in-law Eppie Vicente is the lead singer in the band Instant Replay and they will be performing at the Mazatzal Casino this coming Saturday evening at 9 p.m. If you have the evening free, go and listen to Eppie and his band.

Get Well wishes, Birthdays

Mike Preston of Tonto Village III recently had surgery to replace a knee joint. Hurry up and get back on your feet, Mike.

Shirley Clausen of Tonto Village III will add another candle to her birthday cake on Oct. 29 and Darlane Leonard will have another birthday on Oct. 30.

Clint and Grace Daniels will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary on Nov. 2. What a milestone for them. Congratulations to you both.

Pool games

Going along with the Halloween theme, the nine-ball teams of Christopher Creek and Tonto Village decided to play pool in Halloween costumes. One of the funniest was Payge Ferriera dressed as a funky chicken. Any relation to the big yellow chicken from the fire station?

The winners of the pool games were Margaret Stasny and Betty Koutz.

The eight-ball games took place this past Sunday afternoon and the cook from the Creekside Restaurant shot for first place -- the one and only, Joe Ferriera.

Tim Ehrhardt from Collins Ranch shot for second place. There was some stiff competition for Cliff Landrum this week, but he did shoot for third place. Good try, Cliff.

Bear Flat

Phon and Dara Sutton are the unofficial rain gauge people and they measured the rain received yesterday at one half-inch of precipitation.

The accumulated total for Bear Flat for the month of October is 3.50 inches, which is way above last year's total.

Mae Jones, a longtime resident of Bear Flat, will celebrate her birthday on Oct. 31. Happy birthday to you, Mae.

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