Residents Have Three Issues On November Ballot


On Nov. 7, the residents of Star Valley will be voting on three issues, two of which will directly affect the Star Valley town council.

One of the items voters decide is whether the mayor should be elected by voters, rather than be appointed by the town council.

Currently, voters elect seven council members and those councilors appoint one of themselves as mayor.

If approved on Election Day, residents would vote in six council members and vote separately on the candidates running for mayor -- just as they do in Payson.

The Star Valley town council appointed current mayor, Chuck Heron, in March of this year.

Voters will also be asked to vote on staggered terms for the town council.

Currently, Star Valley councilors all serve four-year terms that expire at the same time.

Residents will be voting on whether three council members terms should expire every two years in order to have some experience remaining on the council after each new election cycle. Whose terms would expire first if voters pass this measure has yet to be decided.

The third issue Star Valley voters will consider is an Arizona Public Service franchise fee.

Franchise fees are paid by a utility company to the town to operate within town limits. Those fees are usually passed onto the customers in their monthly bills.

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