School Board Does Not Represent The Community



The article in the Oct. 17 Payson Roundup reported that the Payson school board, after taking a survey, voted to change the school calendar for next year.

The issue was keeping the two week fall and spring breaks or changing them to a shorter one week break. The article went on to state that the board surveyed the school staff before making its decision.

According to the numbers reported in the paper, 67 percent of the staff voted to keep the two-week break period. So, what did the board do? It voted to go against its own staff's wishes and changed the calendar to something the majority did not want.

The board did not even think to ask the parents what would work best for their schedules or even get a sample of the student's feelings.

No, five board members and the superintendent know better than hundreds of parents and students and 239 staff. This is not a board that represents the community or listens to the employees of the Payson School District. I believe this is something to remember as we enter the voting booth in November.

Let's begin the process of getting a board who will represent us and consider how their decisions affect the lives of students, employees and parents as well as the taxpayers of the district.

Thomas Loeffler


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