Some Questions About The Pine Water Situation



Answers are needed.

I have a few, very relevant questions for those who are pushing for the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District to take over and purchase the Pine Water Company, and I would like honest answers.

1. How much is this going to cost the Pine and Strawberry residents? The last time this subject surfaced, the cost was some $12.1 million. What's it going to be this time? $20 million? $24 million?

2. Who is going to manage and administer the workings of this new water company? What will it cost? The last time the county was involved with the supervision of the PSWID, it turned out to be one big expense mess and fiasco.

3. The way to avoid all this bull is for the various persons involved to get their heads together and honestly work for the common good of the community instead of trying to fill their bank accounts at the expense of Pine and Strawberry.

One side claims to have excess water, and the other needs it. It's simple. Work out a fair price for the purchase of the water, forget all the animosity and work together. Otherwise no one wins.

4. My last question is: What's Harry Jones' involvement in all this? What's his connection with the county at present? He was part of that last fiasco when the county took over the stewardship of the PSWID. Honest, straight talk and answers are needed not a bunch of bull like the last time.

Ed Welge


(Former PSWID board


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