Speak The Language Of The Country You Live In



There are many times that we disagree with your opinions, but your stand on Proposition 103 is way off.

It does not say that English is not threatened language and it is not anti-Mexican or other minority. It is matter of law and pride in being an American. To vote, one must be a citizen of this country and to be a citizen one is required to have a working knowledge of the English language.

I am not in favor of everybody voting. I want only the informed electorate to vote and, to be informed, it is much easier if one knows the language.

I see no problem having tourist signs and other informational signs in other languages. Even the Spanish signs in Home Depot are OK with me.

Just keep the ballots in English only. It is a matter of pride to be American to know the language of the country one lives in.

Frank Glemba


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