Thank You For Dog Park Improvements


Thank you for dog park improvements


Rosie, Shadow, Jon Luc, Brandy, Romeo, Sam, Sassy, Sammy, Boo, LaLa, Baby Huey and many other dogs wish to thank those involved for making the dog park a much safer place for their owners to enter.

The dog owners would like to thank you for the top-notch work that was recently done at the dog park. The level bricked entryway and pathway is really nice and so much safer.

I am sure we will not miss the erosion created by the storms of the past.

The recycled fire hydrants were a nice touch too and are already getting lots of use.

Thank you for making the dog park a safer place to walk or cruise in a power chair.

I noticed a brick in the entryway with Vivian's name on it. Thank you, Vivian, whoever you are for your vision of the dog park. Great idea.

Katherine Morrison


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