A Vote For Don Crowley For The College Board



I support the election of Don Crowley to the Gila Community College Board of Governors. Allow me to explain my reasoning for this decision.

Don Crowley is one of the two current board members who have been willing to ask the tough questions and request detailed information from Eastern Arizona College to find answers to many apparent problems. Mr. Crowley has spent an enormous amount of time poring over the budget and expenditures and representing the northern Gila County constituents by requesting better services and greater accountability for the tax money being given to Eastern Arizona College.

Mr. Crowley has spoken out for qualified instructors for the Payson campus, receiving a fair share of the college district's operational budget, and to demand courses and programs that meet the needs of career and degree-seeking students in northern Gila County.

In the Oct. 17 issue of the Payson Roundup, Al Poskanzer said he has worked at a university and he would make a good community college board member. Universities and community colleges are operated very differently. They have very different legislative requirements, different missions, governance structures, and methods of funding. His employment at the university level was neither as an instructor nor administrator concerned with instruction.

Being on the payroll of a university does not automatically make one instantly qualified to be a community college board member. He also is quoted as saying that to make changes in the college, he will work as a team to promote and raise funds for Gila Community College.

Both of those strategies are naive and superficial.

The task of every college board is to set policy, vision and direction. Candidate Poskanzer has missed the mark as to how deeply he needs to look for the real problems and solutions for Gila Community College.

Also, Mr. Poskanzer stated that he had received figures from the administration in Payson showing that Payson was receiving a fair share of funds. Playing with numbers is easy and the shifting of expenditures makes it even easier to make your point. Asking for information from an administration beholden to an entity like Eastern Arizona College for his employment is a poor method to receive unbiased information. The place to look is the actual budget and expenditure reports that have to be accurate.

Don Crowley has served and still serves on many boards. He is a working board member who will gather information, study the issues, and work toward solutions for the positive future of the college and the population it serves. He listens to community input individually and through formal communitywide efforts. He has already proven that he represents this part of the county with consistent dedication to Gila Community College.

Dr. Martin Ganz, Ed.D., Payson

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